Didja Ever Have One of Those Days?

Well, today was definitely one of THOSE days.

I was late for work because I am having trouble with my new contacts. The right one is basically a piece of cling wrap and impossible to put in my eye. It folds itself up nicely into a little ball and is virtually impossible to unfold. And when it is finally unfolded and put in, it’s usually inside-out, causing great pain so I have to take it out again and start the whole maddening process over.

A major project I have been working on for the last few weeks got canceled with no notice. It’s really frustrating to walk away from the day feeling like the bulk of work you did for the last few weeks was for absolutely nothing.

I ordered a puppet we need for several puppet show outreaches our puppet team is doing for church on Saturday. I ordered it to be sent by Wednesday to the leader of that team. This morning, the company called to say they could not have it by Wednesday and they could not ship to this address. I have no idea why (on either account) so now it is coming to me by Friday for a Saturday performance.

I stopped at the store on the way home because I wanted to make one of those fleece blankets that have the edges all tied together for someone for Wednesday. Fleece is expensive!!!! I thought this would be an inexpensive project. But it’s not…so it won’t get done, unless I find the fabric elsewhere cheaper.

I came home, ate and came on the computer to view the prints from a portrait I had taken of Normie yesterday (what an adventure that was!) only to find that they won’t be posted until tomorrow. So, I checked my email…to find that the 600 outreach fliers we were getting done for Saturday have the wrong website address on them! I had to order 600 more…and pay for them again…and I put in the person’s address to ship to who is printing them for me. When I looked at the receipt, I realized I put MY zip code on it, not theirs. So I tried to call but the place closed at 8. I sent an email and I’ll call again in the morning. Hopefully, I’ll get to them before it ships!

And now here I am catching up on my bloglines reading and I can’t seem to comment on anyone’s posts…why, I do not know. : (


I need a vacation!

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