Fall Into Reading Challenge Update

Well, I finished Max Lucado’s “Cure for the Common Life”. I’m glad I read it, as I love his writing, but it didn’t really hit home with me at the moment. There is a kind of self-assessment in the book to see where you are best suited to serve in this life but I haven’t taken the time to do it. I’m enjoying work (though I was there 10.5 hours today! Yikes) and trying to sort out some ministry issues. I have someone in mind, however, who could probably benefit more from it right now.

I also finished “The Witness” by Dee Henderson. I’ve really enjoyed her other books but this one left me frightened at points and cold at others. It may just be my mood and mindset right now but it wasn’t as I had hoped. I do like her writing, as I said, so I’m going to see what else she has out recently that’s new and check it out.

I started “Redeeming Love” by Francine Rivers. The start has me disturbed and I know if I stick with it, I will love it – her writing is excellent and I’ve heard such wonderful things about the story.

Maybe this weekend…tonight I am thinking of starting, “Unlikely Angel”. I have some downtime this weekend – the only thing on the agenda are drs appts on Friday (for Nellie and for me) and scrapbooking on Saturday with Michelle and the girls. I’d also like to watch Under the Tuscan Sun so I can send it back to Netflix soon. I am so bad with this!

Ah, downtime. How I dream of thee!

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