Give a Little Thanks

Happy belated Thanksgiving, all.

Had a nice time with ‘rents yesterday. Mom made the turkey, pumpkin pie & gravy but everything else came from Boston Market. I can’t get over how good their stuffing was. And I could eat a VAT of their mashed potatoes, so I was a happy camper. Afterwards, we watched old home movies that my mom had transferred to DVDs. Boy, you can really see how weird you are when you watch yourself on the screen. One Christmas (1993), apparently my favorite gift was a Disney screen saver. I kept talking about non-stop and picked it up between opening every present. I was totally thrilled. Where it is today, I have no idea. But I do remember that it was cool! 😛 The best video of all was of me & my friend Jessica – probably 9 or 10, playing with my dog, Thunder, in the snow. I think we all laughed until we cried watching this one! It was a hoot.

On another thankful note, Laura over at “I’m an Organizing Junkie” has prepared a plan for my spare room/office space! I posted a while ago that I was too overwhelmed to join her 30-day organizing challenge but I was so STUCK about what to do with this room that I emailed her. She was so kind and so helpful. I’m really thankful that she took the time to look at my pictures and make suggestions that I can really use. Head on over there and take a look at my “dirty secret” and see her suggestions! Very cool. I’ll be giving them a try over the holidays when I have some time off – and then I’ll post my new and improved room.

No Black Friday madness for me today. I went to Kmart on my way home last night and took advantage of a great bargain on a pre-lit Christmas tree, which I promptly put up in the living room – and shockingly, none of the cats seemed to care. The last time I had a tree, Norm took a flying leap right into the center of it…and that was it for trees for the last three years!

Anyway, today I took Nellie to the vet and myself to the doctor and then spent most of the day alternately cleaning and lying around doing nothing. Tomorrow I expect more of the same – although I do need to get some photos together for our scrapbooking in the evening. I have a big project I need to work on – need to get some photos printed and probably get some paper and stickers together. I love scrapbooking – it’s the getting organized before going out I don’t enjoy!

Well, I’ve still got some cleaning up to do and LOTS of wash (what is it with me and wash???) to get at least started before bed, so I must bid y’all adieu.

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