Whirling Dervish

I’m not sure quite what a whirling dervish is, but I am beginning to think I may be one.

Friday I rushed home early from work to take Nelliecat to the vet for her yearly checkup and shots. But alas, Nelliecat was having none of that and hid in the furthestmost reaches under my bed. When I finally got her, she flipped out and wouldn’t go in the carrier, so I gave up. We’ll try again on Friday. While others are shopping, I’ll be fighting with a crazed wild animal.

Anyway, then I went to a drama demo of two of my youth. It was wonderful – I was so proud of them. They both did a wonderful job.

Saturday, a new friend from work and I went up to a new outdoor mall in the area. It was a little chilly but the shopping was quite lovely! We had lunch there and then I had to head home to get down to Sarah & Joe’s for our annual Temple friends gathering. But alas, the usual guests of honor, our friend Deb and her family missed their flight out from California and couldn’t make it. We missed them but carried on anyway. It was a nice evening.

Today of course was church and then we had to run and drop off our Operation Christmas Child boxes at the local drop off point. After that, I took Michelle & David out to lunch for their birthdays and then came home and did my usual – started watching the race, got sleeping and took a nap. Now I am trying to get all my household chores done and I feel like I wasted yet another Sunday. But the next several days and evenings are just as busy…so I have to stay up and take care of a few things.

Is it possible to have adult onset ADD? Or maybe I had it all along but was just such a spaz no one noticed? I got online to email the pastor something. Then I went to look for some Christmas gifts online. I needed my credit card, so I went to get it. Instead, I end up cutting some brownies I just baked, putting away some groceries, getting a load of wash out, only to come back to the computer and say, “OH!” and having to go back for my wallet. This happens CONSTANTLY. I’m too young to be going senile…so ADD seems my only answer.

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