What Would You Like to Know Wednesday

Ok, faithful readers and lurkers alike, here’s your chance.  Ask me anything you’d like to know about me & mine (but please keep it clean!)  I’ll answer any burning questions in a post soon.
In the meantime, I’ve stolen some new meme’s from tan-&-relaxed-just back from a cruise-Cheryl over at Reality Check to get you thinking:
Five Item Meme

Five Items in My Fridge:
1. 1% milk that probably should be thrown out
2. Dream dinners chicken mirabella
3. About 14 salad dressings
4. Bottled water
5. Parmesan cheese

Five Items in My Closet:
1. Sheets
2. Shoes
3. Clothes
4. Laundry basket
5. Photos in boxes

Five Items in My Car:
1. CDs
2. The Club
3. Scissors
4. Napkins
5. Antibacterial hand lotion

Five Items in My Purse:
1. Cell phone
2. Wallet
3. Notebook
4. Coupons
5. Receipts



Ten Favorites:
Season: Fall
Color: Red
Time: Bedtime
Food: Any type of potato product – baked, fried, chip’d
Drink: Water or decaf ice tea
Ice Cream: Turkey Hill mint choco chip
Place: Maine
Sport: Nascar (yes, it’s true!)
Actor: John Cusack
Actress: Goldie Hawn and Meg Ryan (tie!)

Nine Currents
Feeling: Sore
Drink: Snapple lemon ice team
Time: 12:51 pm
Show on TV: none
Mobile Used: Cingular
Windows open: No
Clothes: Jeans, black tshirt, black sandals
Thought: My neck hurts

Eight Firsts
Nickname: “Trish the Dish”, first used in the late 80s and more recently by my pal Tomas;  often shortened to “Dish”
Kiss: Duane something when I was 11
Crush: Kenny Hartman in kindergarten
Best Friend: Jessica
Vehicle I owned: 70-something Dodge omni
Job: Making cotton candy at Dorney Park
Date: To see Top Gun with Jason Millington.  I know other people where there – maybe Kristen & Mike and Augie?
Pet: Buffy the killer poodle, later replaced by Prince

Seven Lasts
Drink: Water
Kiss: from my aunt
Meal: Pizza Hut personal pan supreme pizza & breadsticks
Movie Watched: It’s scary — I can’t even remember the last movie I watched
Phone Call: My mom
TV Watched: Today Show

Six Have You Evers
Broken the Law: Yes
Been Drunk: Yes
Kissed Someone You Didn’t Know: Yes
Been in the Middle of/Close to Gunfire: No but I have been stopped at a light when a police officer was chasing a suspect down the street with his gun drawn
Skinny Dipped: No
Broken Someone’s Heart: I think so

Five Things:
You Hear Right Now: keyboard keys tapping, people talking, the A/C
On Your Bed: Sheets, bedspread, pillows, usually three cats
Things You Ate Today: Honey Nut Cheerios, Trix, pizza hut, Snickers bar.  Yikes – should I admit all that?
Things You Do When Bored: Watch TV, eat, read, call up friends, blog, surf web
Things You Do For Comfort: Call my mom, call Michelle or Kym or Nan

Four Places You Have Been Today:
My house
My office
My car
Pizza hut

Three Things on Your Desk Right Now:
Thank you note
Piles of work
A cow wearing a floral dress & straw hat

Two Choices:
Coffee or Tea: Tea
Spring or summer: Summer

One Place You Want to Visit:

2 thoughts on “What Would You Like to Know Wednesday

  1. Not a very healthy food intake for the day…didn't I read somewhere that you were reforming your diet? My husband would be jealous: Pizza Hut supreme and a Snickers bar? His favorite food groups!
    Love you and miss spending time with you!!!

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