Truthful Tuesday

This is a hard one!  Without any specific questions to answer, I’m kind of at a loss. 
I think I am genuinely a fairly truthful person, except in cases where someone’s feelings might get hurt…and even then, I’ll often tell the truth…but try to put it in a nice way.  (Disclaimer:  I said I TRY but that doesn’t mean I always succeed!  And I ‘fess up to sometimes not even trying as hard as I should.)  I recently saw a sign at a church that said something to the effect of, “Before you shoot an arrow of truth, be sure to coat it with honey.”  That really stuck with me.  A lot of people seem to get away with being mean under the guise of “telling the truth in love” – but it’s the “in love” part they seem to miss.  I’m not by any means saying you should not correct or redirect or even sometime rebuke another person who is doing the wrong thing or straying from the right path;  what I am saying is that there are two ways of doing so and I think it’s best to lean towards telling the truth in love instead of shooting an arrow at someone.  There is a big difference between telling someone they are screwing up and need to shape up and expressing concern for what is going on and offering your support and love in their efforts to get things straightened out.  Sometimes people can’t see the forest through the trees, so to speak, and need someone to come along side them and point out what is really going on.  And that’s where the truth in love can play a really big role – and make a difference in people’s lives.  We need to come along side those we love and lend them a hand, direction, whatever they need.
{Climbing down off soapbox}
Hmmm.  This really wasn’t where I planned to go with this “Truthful Tuesday” thing…but I’m sure there is a reason for it…

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