Last night was my first hockey game. We got stuck in a ridiculous amount of traffic, so by the time we got in and got settled, I had pretty much missed the first period. I had basically no idea what to expect and know very little about hockey (except that they need to get the puck in the goal)but it was really a lot of fun. The Phantoms won, which made it even better.

It was Faith & Family Night so there was a Christian concert afterwards with Sanctus Real. They were really good but the acoustics weren’t so hot – what with them playing on the back of a flat-bed truck on an ice rink…. We were all exhausted and ending up heading home before they finished.

Now today will be a day to try to get things done around here but I’ve put off all week. I wish I had the time to keep up during the week but I just don’t. It would be so much nicer to not have to spend my days “off” working so hard.

Tomorrow leads me to a sad event…my friend, Andy’s mom passed away this week after a long battle with kidney cancer. Her viewing is tomorrow night. I believe I only met her in person one time but Andy always had a such deep and abiding respect and love for his mom. It was evident every time he spoke of her. It breaks my heart that he and the rest of his family have to go through this. If you are of the praying persuasion, please say a prayer for them this week.

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