Sometimes, a change of scenery does a soul good.

Last night, I went down to a church in West Grove called Church in the Vineyard to check out their family worship program. Families get together the first Saturday of each month to sing songs and learn a virtue through drama & fun. It was really cool! I had seen a similar program at a church nearby last January and really liked the concept of it. So often, it is easy to always separate families into groups at church & church events – children go here, babies go here, teens go here…etc. but this programming is designed for the family to be together and have fun.

It was definitely nice too to just sit back and observe without feeling like I had to be overseeing or doing something. I don’t get to experience too many times like that in my church, especially on a Sunday. We don’t have a building so there is a lot involved in setup and takedown each week, especially in terms of children’s ministry. And somehow, we always seem to be shorthanded. When I took over this ministry a while back, God gave me a vision of what it could be. I spent a lot time working with my very AWESOME team in the beginning to just keep it going, then maintaining the momentum – throwing in some new things here and there. With all the changes about to occur with our pastor leaving, I feel like now is the time to leap. That probably sounds strange; many people would probably rather just keep maintaining things as they are and just “get through this” but I feel like this is the right time. As a team and as a church, we need to kick up the momentum and keep forging ahead…and that’s what I intend to do.

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