A Better Day

Well, today is a better day.  It’s so easy to get discouraged and let the negative pervade your thinking.  I wish it were the other way around – that the negative had to fight hard to break through!  I know I’m not unusual in that in anyway and everyone has times when they feel blue and discouraged.  And sometimes I think you have to let yourself feel it to get past it…and so here I am, on the other side.
Last night, we went to a seminar about creation from Answers in Genesis.  For the most part, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t heard before (and certainly nothing I didn’t believe already) but I thought the speaker was excellent. He used some great examples to keep people’s attention and explain things.  The workshop continues through the weekend…I had originally had plans for tomorrow but they were rescheduled so I may pop in and take in some of his lesson on astronomy and the Big Bang theory.  We shall see.
Tonight we’re off to a hockey game…I’ve never been to one and I guess as hockey goes this is the minor leagues.  I think it will be fun, though.  And there is a concert afterwards – so that’s always good.  I had hoped more of our youth would go but I think we are reaching a point where they would rather spend their cash (and their Friday nights!)  elsewhere.  Oh well; we’ll keep trying.

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