My Secret Shame

This is my spare room/office.

When life gets crazy, this is the area that suffers. I try to keep some semblance of order in the rest of the house (especially with having home group here on Mondays) but then this room becomes the stuff repository. I just can’t function in this mess!! I’m hoping that by posting this madness here, it will shame me into cleaning it up and keeping it organized.

6 thoughts on “My Secret Shame

  1. If this is the worst looking part of your home… babe, you have nothing to worry about.

    Of course, that's hardly motivating for me to say something like that…

    Um… Get to work! Clean that mess up!!!


  2. Well, I managed to shove everything in this three drawer cabinet I have…not really fixing things long term but at least I can actually sit at my desk!

    I will say that this isn't the worst looking part of my house at the moment, either. I just can't seem to keep it together…the weekends, everything looks great and then the hurricane hits during the week.

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