My Peeps

I just got home from a wonderful dinner with my peeps from my old job. I love them so much! I can’t get over how blessed I am to have these people and all of my other friends in my life.

Things are getting a little better at the new job in terms of getting to know people and such but I know that no one can ever replace this crew. I don’t miss the job but I do truly miss them. We had a lot of fun tonight catching up but the most exciting part was hearing that Kristin got engaged!! When she came in and showed me the ring, I was so thrilled for them – I felt like the joy was just bubbling over. I knew that they would eventually get engaged and there had been a couple of times I thought might be the day – I remember coming into work one particular weekend (not remembering now when or what the significance was) but immediately going to her office to sneak a peek at her hand. I was glad too that everyone kept it a secret from me until tonight so she was able to tell me herself. It made my day and I am just so happy for them.

It was great to see the whole gang, and I have Tommy to thank for organizing it! I hope that we can do it again soon…it’s so important to me that I don’t lose touch with everyone. Love you guys!

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