The Dream Dinners Experiment

…is working out marvelously!!  It is so nice to have real meals ready and waiting for me when I come home.  Last week was exceptionally challenging in terms of my schedule – I had something every single night.  But I made three of the dinners ahead of time and was able to try different ones each day for lunch and dinner with no fuss.  So far I’ve had cashew chicken, salisbury steak, mandarin sesame tilapia and bombay chicken.  On the docket for this week is the polynesian flank steak, lemon chicken piccata and chicken enchiladas. 
The other benefit is that I have greatly cut down on my grocery bills.  All I bought last week was staples and sides (veggies/rice) and only spent about $25 total!!! 
I know these are popping up all over, under various names, but from what I’ve seen Dream Dinners has the best variety.  I highly recommend trying it!

One thought on “The Dream Dinners Experiment

  1. I went grocery shopping yesterday to buy food to cook dinners for this week and I spent 130 bucks! AND my feet hurt from standing too long preparing it! I'm kind of turning into a cry baby! 😦

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