And the Grinch’s Heart Grew TWO Sizes That Day

This afternoon, my friend Michelle’s daughter performed in a color guard competition at a high school near my hometown. I told Michelle I’d like to go to that one and we’d make a day of it and visit my mom on the way…and that is what we did.

Although I had tried color guard in high school and was familiar with it all, I didn’t really know what to expect. But the effort these kids put into their performances was simply amazing. I actually teared up when the first color guard performed and one of the girls caught a sword she had thrown up in the air – you could just see the joy on her face and know that it had been something she had struggled with and had finally succeeded in doing.

When Sarah’s group came on, I felt the same way. I was so proud of her and of her guard group. Their competition show was so well choreographed and so well put together. I know how hard the girls work on this – they practice twice a week at night for several hours and then all day Saturdays when they aren’t competing. Their work and performance mean so much to them and they truly put their hearts and souls into it–and you can see it in every move. I was completely overwhelmed with pride!!! Go, Lady Knights!!!!

3 thoughts on “And the Grinch’s Heart Grew TWO Sizes That Day

  1. I had alot of fun today with you! I really enjoyed seeing where you grew up and hearing your stories. It was a long but good day. I am also amazed at the girls. I didn't realize what you could do with flags and music! I know Sarah's really loves doing it too!

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