I am so excited! I applied for a volunteer position taking photographs and working on the programming for the workcamp we are going on this summer and I’ve been selected! Last year was great and I just wanted to play a more active role this year. AND that also means I am not going to be on a crew. I’ll be driving from site to site and working with the programming team instead. As much as I enjoyed the physical labor (and I’m only a LITTLE sarcastic when I say that – it actually was good), this is more up my alley. What I would really like to do is be the MC, who runs the evening program each night. But you had to go to Colorado for a week’s training to do so…and I thought maybe this position was kind of a first step. I’ll be working with the MC so I can see what he/she has to do and if it would be a good fit for me in the future.

The other cool thing is that I can still room with my girls. You have the option of semi-private rooms with other volunteers or rooming with people from your youth group. I had such fun with the girls last year that I don’t want to miss out on that part this year!

So now a few challenges…how do we raise the money to get there (we don’t do fundraising at our church in the traditional sense) and how do we get to the location. There are at least two other adults going…David & I have to be there a day earlier than everyone else and we both have to have cars. I’ve been having wild ideas of everyone coming down a day early and the other leaders entertaining the youth until they can check in on Sunday…but we’ll have to see. We’d have to factor in hotel costs then….well, there’s some time to hash that around…

But anyway, yahoo! I’m so happy to get this position!

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