Holiday Boycott

Each year, around this time, I begin my descent into a holiday funk – usually running from Thanksgiving through to my birthday in early February. It’s a combination of things that contribute…but being single with no children and an only child in a family that does not associate with the extended family very much is high on the list. It’s so easy to feel left out and alone when it seems like everyone around you has someone to share the holidays with and enjoy. Kind friends have tried to include me in their family events but I always end up feeling like I don’t quite belong.

This year, the descent began around Halloween, which is record early. So in an effort to try to ward the funk off, I am hereby boycotting my own usual efforts to fake holiday festiveness. I will not:

*Force myself to listen to holiday music, hoping that it will put me in the “holiday spirit”
*Watch holiday movies (for the same reason stated above)…though I don’t think I can boycott the annual showing of A Christmas Story…and Christmas Vacation does make me laugh
*Go to the mall until the swimsuits return to the racks (which, really, is January)
*Spend hours creating and sending cards most people probably throw away anyway
*Debate the merits of a Christmas tree, put one up and then immediately take it down, as I often do
*Hope that this year will be different, and something miraculous will happen that will make the holidays wonderful fun

I will still purchase gifts (online!!) for those I care for, though this year’s pocketbook is a little light. But I will do so in the spirit of reminding them that I love them, not because it’s the holidays and I feel like I have to…and remind myself that it is the thought that counts, not the cost or quantity.

5 thoughts on “Holiday Boycott

  1. The holidays sometimes get on my nerves too. There is too much pressure to perform and fit in, not to mention the fact that the whole season is just plain exhausting. Give yourself a break and just do the things you really want to.

  2. It's not just you. I get the same way. I wish that my extended family were closer. I agree with Laurel that it's too much pressure. And I hate the winter. I have been feeling a little down also, but I take antidepressants! 🙂 guess they aren't working!

  3. Laurel – you are so right. It's so difficult, especially when people have expectations of you all the time.

    Paula – I hate the winter too. I think that may be part of my problem as well – the funk began this year just as the days began to get darker and shorter.

    Cheryl – Exactly! I want the warm fuzzies and then I get so upset and disappointed when they don't arrive. Hopefully I can stick to my guns and not fall into the usual patterns this year….

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