Yay! I have been discharged from physical therapy after three long months!! This has totally made my day. Especially since, starting next week, I have scheduled other things for my p/t nights. What perfect timing!

So today I’ll start with gratitudes instead of laments!

1. Sprung from p/t
2. Saving $40 a week in p/t copays!
3. My mom’s advice on zicam is making my cold more bearable
4. It’s almost Friday
5. I’m actually somewhat caught up on all my backlogged work projects!

1. I have 86 loads of laundry to do tonight
2. I have science experiments growing in my fridge that need to be disposed of
3. It’s not Friday yet
4. It’s not Friday yet
5. It’s not Friday yet

: )

One thought on “Sprung!

  1. Ugh I hated P/T! I had to pay $30 a visit and I went twice a week! Pregnancy wrecked my body! I also have 86 loads of laundry, but I've come to terms with the fact that no matter what I will always be in some stage of doing the wash.

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