Survey Monkey Rocks!!

There is a very cool site called I’ve heard we use it at work but I’m not involved in it. But I took a look at it, hoping it might be something I could use to survey the teens in my youth group so we could improve things and make them enjoy it more. Well, I set it up today and all I have to say is SURVEY MONKEY ROCKS! It’s really easy to setup and use and I’m already getting some really good feedback. Yay, Survey Monkey. (Yeah, I just like saying that. Survey monkey, survey monkey, survey monkey.)

On another note, it was another busy weekend. Went to IKEA on Saturday for a marathon shopping extravaganza with the ‘rents – ending with me laughing hysterically because I just couldn’t take it anymore. I guess I didn’t inherit my aunt’s shopping genes. I find what I want, get it and go. Two and a half hours in IKEA really took me to the limit. Especially when I found my two things about 1/4 of the way through. Then home and scrapbooking with the gals in my newly refurbished basement. And Sunday, well, Sunday is Sunday. Always so very busy. It’s actually been suggested by the utes that we change our meeting night to a week night…and that might not be a bad thing. The idea of having my Sunday evenings free for the most part is very appealing. But we shall see what the outcome of the survey monkey is! (HA, I said it again.)

Well, it is past my bedtime and I am exhausted as usual. TTFN, friends!

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