I Love Lucy

Remember how whenever Lucy tried to do something for Ricky it would backfire? I’m having a Lucy kind of day…

I had to travel today by train. There was an elderly couple in front of me and it was clear from their conversations that he was confused and having a difficult time on their trip. I prayed for them, especially for the wife who was trying very hard to be patient. They were getting off at the same stop as I was, so I asked if I could help them and as soon as the train stopped, I set off to find the conductor to ask him for some help as well (they had a lot of bags they couldn’t carry on their own) but in the amount of time it took me to ask if they needed help and to get to the door, the doors were closing and the train was on its way to the next stop!!!!! None of us could believe it and there was not a conductor in sight. I went up into the other end of the train and found one (who basically blamed the couple for not “asking” for help) and was told that we could get the next train back from the next stop an hour and a half later. ARGH! So the woman called the person who was meeting her and told her what happened and they were going to come to the next stop and pick them up. So, we all get off at the next stop with me and a kind gentleman toting their luggage. We got them settled and he left, and I went to the desk to explain my plight. The bored looking woman simply told me I’d have to wait an hour and a half to get back on the train to go back to my original destination. So I ended up taking a cab, costing me triple what it would have from the original station.

When I finally arrived at my hotel, low and behold, there is no room for me. Apparently, they gave my room to someone with a similar name? And so I waited for about another half hour for them to sort that all out. At least I’m on the concierge floor as a consulation prize now.


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