What a long strange week it’s been…


This has been a week of up and downs if I’ve ever seen one! My friend Kym had some problems with her pregnancy and brought her baby boy into the world a few weeks early. He was having respiratory distress when he was born, so as soon as he entered this world, he was whisked away to the NICU. Funny thing about the NICU…earlier in the day, Kym called me and asked me to send a request out of our church’s prayer list. The neonatologist had been by to see her and told them that the NICU was full and if the baby came and had any problems, he would have to be transferred immediately to one of five other hospitals. Obviously, this was upsetting – especially with him being early. I sent out the prayer request immediately, asking that the baby be born healthy with no problems. And hour later, Kym’s husband called and told me that the dr came back, and miraculously, a spot had opened up. When she delivered at 3 AM that morning, we all knew that it was God’s hand that opened that spot, knowing that the baby would need care and that Kym and her husband could not bear to have him go to an entirely different hospital. It is impossible to believe that God does not exist when you hear a story like that! And so, I would like to ask you guys to pray for Kym and her baby. Kym’s been fightng a respiratory infection before all of this happened, and the drs are not keen on having her visit the baby in the NICU because of this – which is breaking her heart. She hasn’t even gotten to hold him yet. So please pray that she will be better and that his lungs will grow strong and healthy.

I also had an epiphany this week. I know God speaks to you through other people – but I wasn’t listening. I had been looking into some opportunities that sounded intriguing. But the same day that Kym went suddenly into the hospital, I began to hear some things that made these opportunities sound less than stellar. And the more I thought about them, the less I liked the thought of how they might change my life. And seeing everything that happened with Kym and thinking that I might not be available for those I love when they need me…really made me think.

So that’s all for now. My house is a wreck, my laundry is sky high and I need sleep desperately. Talk to all y’all later.

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