Fighting the Good Fight

31 Silver Linings – A Writing Challenge {Day 18}

I took my time getting going this morning, having a cup of tea, reading, and feeling thankful the rain had finally gone, before heading off to a sweet girl’s soccer game. I got talking with her mom afterward about some hard things they’re dealing with – really hard. It’s not a situation where I’m
able to say much or give any advice, and that left me feeling helpless. We parted ways and I headed off to run some errands.

I made a pit stop to grab a slice of pizza. Originally, I’d planned to eat it there but the place was packed and rather than feel awkward by myself, I got it to go. As I ate in my car, I started thinking about my conversation at the soccer field and how frustrating it can be to not be able to anticipate how things are going to turn out, especially when you’re doing all you can to fight the good fight, putting in the time, the effort, the love. It’s hard to dream, to set long-term goals, when you don’t know what your life will look like in six months or a year. It hard to see the silver lining when nothing makes sense and everything seems broken…yet experience tells me that in hindsight, there often is one – and it’s that that we need to hold on to.

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