31 Silver Linings – A Writing Challenge {Day 10}

I don’t sleep well. This is a fact, long known. Wednesday night, for reasons unbeknownst to me, I ended up having less than four hours of sleep. I muddled through the work day yesterday and fought to stay awake until a reasonable hour (but of course getting a second wind in the process, because that’s how I roll.)

When I woke up today and finally extricated myself from my bed, stumbling to the kitchen to feed the anxious cats, I found that I had left the freezer door ajar. All. Night. Long.

Not quite the start to Friday I’d hoped for.

I ended up being later than usual to work as I took everything out to see what in the absolutely packed to the gills freezer now needed to be tossed. I spilled an open bag of now thawed fire-roasted corn all over the kitchen floor. I couldn’t lift the already tied trash bag out of the can, let alone carry it out of my apartment, up the steps, around the corner, over the hills and through the woods to the dumpster, so I had to reopen it and redistribute the wet and squishy trash into another bag.  I drove to work and realized I couldn’t park in the lot I usually do because I have to be out of it for an event earlier than I’ll be done now today.  I had decided to walk instead of taking the bus this morning because I need to do SOMETHING to move my butt these days and because it is supposed to be raining this afternoon. Just as I got too far to go back from an umbrella, it began to rain.

I just laughed. Because seriously? This morning was not the greatest.  But it’s Friday, it’s payday, I walked a mile (rain be darned), and since I was late anyway, my freezer debacle ultimately allowed me a little extra time to stop and get myself a chocolate-filled donut at Whole Foods on my way.

TGIF, y’all.

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