On Steel Magnolia Wisdom

31 Silver Linings – A Writing Challenge {Day 7}


Yesterday was hard.  It brought me some disappointing news at the end of an already long day that sent me right into a big ugly cry and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s.  The “old me” would have wallowed in it for days.  I’d have spent hours back & forth trying to see where it went wrong, what I did wrong, what I SHOULD have said or done differently.  Yeah, I’d have pulled it together enough so the outside world wouldn’t see that, as a dear friend once put it, my “fragile eggshell was cracking” but inside, I’d be struggling.

It’s hard to break free from your default but I’ve been trying.  I feel like it’s even more important in the season I’m in now to tell my stories and ask for help because my people are far away and, shockingly, they aren’t psychics or mind readers. And they can’t help unless I’m real with them.  And so I reached out to a handful of folks and shared my disappointment.  It didn’t go away, by any means, but the mere act of sharing it helped ease the burden.  And by the time I got offline to go to bed, I’d laughed more than I’d cried.  Quite a bit more, in fact…and that is huge.

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