The Up Side of Crying at Work

31 Silver Linings – A Writing Challenge {Day 2}

The first time I cried at work, I was horrified.  It wasn’t my first job but it was my first with real responsibility and I took it very seriously.  I don’t recall the circumstances but it has been a pattern that when I am angry or really frustrated, rather than scream or yell, tears burst forth despite my best attempts to keep it together.

On that day in particular, I was trying to explain my side of a frustrating situation to my CEO.  My words felt inadequate and halting;  as I tried to remain calm and professional, the tears began to well.  Though I attempted to choke them back, I failed miserably.  I hung my head and sputtered a faint apology and was stunned by my CEO’s response:  he told me it was all right to cry and asked me if I thought he had ever cried at work.  I shook my head, certain that that was beyond the realm of possibility. Gently, he explained that he had indeed and that, while I was sitting there thinking it a sign of weakness, it was really a sign that you cared deeply about the situation – which in his estimation was not a bad thing.

I don’t recall the outcome of our discussion or whether the issue was resolve in my favor, but I haven’t forgotten the lesson.

  tears_charles dickens

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