Why Can’t Every Day Be a Snow Day?

The term “snow day” took on a whole different meaning when I was a kid.  For the most part, it meant fun, friends, sledding, snowman building and hot chocolate.  It might mean daytime tv and reading, too.

I had my third snow day of this season today and it meant work.  What a bummer that realization was and always is.  Being a “grown up” stinks sometimes!  On the bright side, between today and a few hours I was in the office on Saturday in anticipation of today’s wintry mix, I’m in a much better place workload-wise than I’d be otherwise.  The laundry is done and I had time to make a real breakfast and a healthy lunch for myself.  And I guess there is something to be said for that.  I’d much rather have been relaxing and/or having fun, don’t get me wrong – but the peace I’m feeling right now is worth it…and I have the whole evening ahead of me to do whatever I’d like.

It’s days like this that I wonder why it’s so hard to incorporate some of my “snow day” into my every day.  I’m not as busy here as I was in my previous life (by any stretch) but I still find myself rushed a lot of time, with tasks piling up and threatening to overwhelm me.  I try to jam errands and cleaning and the like into the weekend, along with any fun I try to mandate for my life and sometimes it is just…a lot.

Yet the bottom line is this:  we all get the same 24 hours in a day, nothing more and nothing less – snow day or not.  It matters what we do with it, how we use it, and sometimes even more importantly, how we don’t. What if, instead of running around crazily all weekend, I tried to spread my errands out throughout the week?  What if instead of doing marathon laundry on a Sunday night when I should instead be preparing for the week ahead, I did a load of wash every night?  What if I turned off the tv and did a quick “swish & swipe” (thank you, Flylady!) in the kitchen on a Monday night after HIMYM?  What if I pledged to myself that I would make breakfast a sacred time, at least a few days a week?  Or decided that 9 PM was the witching hour for electronics each night?

What if, what if.  It’s all a balancing act, to see what works and what doesn’t but as with anything – isn’t it worth a try?  

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