About Skiing the Moguls

Let me preface this by saying, I don’t ski. I’ve never skied.  I frankly don’t do much that could inflict bodily harm or injury on myself through my own volition.  It’s just one of those little rules I try to stick to in life and so far, it’s served me pretty well.

But I am an avid Olympic watcher so that, naturally, makes me an expert on all things winter-sports related. And I’m fascinated by any event that includes moguls.  While I get that it adds to the complexity, I can’t imagine wanting to excel in a sport that is all about obstacles.  I’m sure, however, that the feeling of accomplishment is great.

I’ve been quiet here lately because I’ve been dealing with some moguls of my own.  I keep hoping for a straight, smooth ride where I can enjoy the scenery going by and feel the wind in my hair…but I’ve been twisting, turning, dodging, and crashing instead.

One way or another, though, I’ll get down the mountain.  

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