I Think About Blogging All The Time..

…yet when it comes to getting online and actually writing, something holds me back.  I posed the question on Facebook recently, “How can I call myself a blogger when I never blog?”  A friend challenged me to write at least once a week and, even though he didn’t triple dog dare me, I am going to do my best.  

I just wonder if the blog is having an identity crisis, much like its owner.  I don’t know where it fits in the blogosphere.  I’m not a “mommy blogger”; I’m not a crafty blogger (though I am starting to craft again but that is a post for another time.)  I’m not a cooking blogger (though I like to cook & have a whole Facebook album dedicated to my “creations.”)  I’m not a religion blogger;  I’m not a business blogger.  At times, my blog has highlighted my views on these things but they’ve not been part of a pervasive theme.  Maybe it needs one.  Maybe it doesn’t.  I just don’t know.  
As I focus on my word for the year, I’m hoping that I find my “fit” in many different ways.  Maybe my blog will find it’s fit, too.  

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