Just One Word…for 2013

Last year, I chose a focus word for the year:  purpose.  I’m not entirely sure I lived it out;  it’s not like in the course of the year, I was divinely inspired to know my life’s true purpose…but I will say I was much more in tune with the idea of “purpose”.  Why was I doing what I was doing?  What did I feel strongly about?  What direction did I feel my life should take next?  In some ways, I think my word led me to the big move and the seismic shift in my whole life as I knew it.  It caused me to think, to try things, and to stop other things that didn’t make me happy.  In those ways, maybe, it meant something.

And so I will try again.  New year; new word.

This year’s word has several different connotations and that’s truly why I think it fits…and the word is, actually, fit.  With my move, new job, new life…I am trying in many areas of my life to find the “right fit” for me – in a church, in volunteer work, in my social life, and so on.  I’m trying to find out where I fit in – at work, at church, in friendships and family relationships that are in flux.  And finally, I need to focus on my health and work hard to lose weight and get fit.

So there you have it.  I feel like this is a much more concrete word than last year;  perhaps at least as impactful!  Stay tuned….

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