I continued looking for ways to be a blessing throughout my trip. For some reason, I find a heightened feeling of spirituality when I am away. This is odd for several reasons (to me, anyway, since I don’t particularly care for traveling) but I think the bottom line is that when I am away, I don’t have the same distractions I do at home. There isn’t wash to be done or pets to care for or other chores to be done. I lean more on God, too, when I travel, primarily because I am often worried or scared witless about random things….

But in looking for ways to be a blessing, I have to admit I was looking too for the blessing my pastor prayed for me. I was blessed that I was able to use my corporate card for many things instead of putting out my cash (that I don’t really have), I have to admit that. But my truest blessing came when I had some down time before leaving Orlando for Atlanta. I had been upset about having to change hotels halfway through my trip but it turned out that my hotel was directly across the street from Sea World. After my conference ended, I headed back to the hotel and then across the street.

I had been to Sea World before, back when I was 12. I honestly did not remember thing beyond that I was in a terrible mood and didn’t want to be there. So, I did not know what to expect…and frankly, I was not expecting very much. I walked across the street and across a huge parking lot toward the front gate. I started walking with an employee partway and she was talking to me about the park and about the new Shamu show. I knew I wanted to see it so when I got inside, I immediately checked the schedule and found that the first show was about to start shortly. After grabbing a quick (and expensive) bite to eat, I made my way into the arena. I was brave and sat down toward the front in the “splash” zone.

Watching the whales swim around was just overwhelming for me. They were so beautiful, such amazing creatures. This mingled with the feelings that I was experiencing this alone, as I do so many things, and the sadness that comes with that. Soon, though, I was so caught up in the show and simply awed. My words cannot do this show justice – it was about how if you believe, your dreams can come true. I was very moved by the story of one of the trainers who loved whales and grew up to work with them in this way and was touched by a young girl in the audience who was called down to the front because she had the same dream. Although we could not hear what was said, the trainer talked very intently to the girl and gave her a carved whale’s tale necklace. Then Shamu came up beside them and she was able to touch him, which must have been quite amazing for her!

Like I said, my words cannot do it justice. Suffice it to say, this was my blessing that was prayed for.

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