Be A Blessing

It’s been a month since I was a travelin’ gal but I am still thinking back on it. On my way to Orlando, there were a lot of problems with the flight. I find this often when flying to Florida; for some reason, the airlines don’t set things up for families to sit together and then there is a lot of scrambling around to make sure that children are not unattended, etc. and the flight ends up delayed. One of the families on the flight that were separated was a mom with three young boys, ranging in age probably between 4 and 8 years old. She and one son sat with me with the two older boys sat in front of us. She and I shared some casual conversation off and on throughout the flight and I learned that she had recently lost her husband. I didn’t inquire because it was mentioned in an offhand way and I was not entirely sure at the moment if he had left them or had passed away. Later in the flight, she took out a picture to show the oldest boy and said, “See, I told you he comes with us everywhere we go. He is always with us.” It was all I could do to not just burst into tears for them right there on the plane. So I prayed. And prayed. For this young mom who was trying so hard to keep it all together and was brave enough to take her boys away by herself for a long weekend. When we landed, I wished them a good trip and departed the plane but found myself standing with her again at baggage claim. The youngest boy was having a meltdown under the baggage carts and she looked tired and near tears. We talked again for a bit and she told me she was taking them to Orlando for the MLK weekend as a distraction from everything that had happened to them and she hoped it would be a good memory for them. I told her that I would be praying for her and I have continued to do so. I do not know her name and probably will never see her again, yet she and her family touched my heart.

My mindset on this trip was a bit different than others and I think I know the reason – my pastor prayed for me and prayed that I would be able to be a blessing to someone and be blessed as well on this trip. I hope that I was able to be a blessing to her that day and I pray that the Lord will bless her and her family, strengthening them and comforting them through this time.

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