I am in a bad mood. The day went well but I went to a holiday thing in the township that my pastor was speaking at and didn’t get home until almost 8. Then I had to make my dinner and make dinner for the youth group Christmas party this week. Then I was cleaning up after Ramona, who appears to be sick and I can’t figure out what is wrong with her. Then I tried to hook up my old pc to look for some pictures we need for a New Year’s eve thing we are doing but the mouse wouldn’t work no matter what I did. Then I got on my laptop to check on a blog and now the internet keeps cutting in and out. And one of my accounts is still not showing a payment I made for over $500 – they say they never got the check, though it cleared on December 5th and they act like I am lying when I tell them that. I am trying to get a copy of the canceled check but it is more difficult than you’d expect.

For the love of Pete!

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