You would not believe the wind tonight.  It literally sounds like my house is about to blow right off its foundation.  And there are lots of creepy creaking and scraping noises.  The cats are thrilled (not) and I just want to huddle in my bed with the pillow over my head.  I really hope my power doesn’t go out.  I only have electric heat and no generator or kerosene heater…and it is mighty cold in here already!
Nothing terribly interesting to report here.  I am trying to get ready for Christmas.  I think I am finished shopping – I am very low on cash this year, so I am making a lot of gifts and trying to keep to a very strict budget. At least the shopping is done, even in the creating isn’t!  I did about 1/2 my cards – I always say I won’t but then I do them at the last minute anyway.  I guess it is a guilt factor?  I made little thank you gifts for all the children’s & nursery workers at church today – I got little ornaments with their names on them and fastened them to candy canes with a little label with a thank you message on them.  They seemed to be a hit – I hope so.  Much more personal than last year’s gift cards and these were really just from me (last year the church paid for them and I coordinated with other ministry leaders in doing it) so that was nice too. 

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