Ministry of Presence

Another youth group night is upon us. 
We have a great new curriculum that focuses on themes by using Christian music (anything from rap/hip hop to contemporary, etc.)  Two weeks ago, though, we forwent it (and yes, that is the correct past tense of forgo!  I looked it up.  Yes, I did) and just did our highs & lows and talked about the Halloween Alternative party we were having that Friday. 
Since then, I’ve read some things about having a ministry of presence in youth – that it is not wrong to just hang out and get to know those in your groups, to just chill and get to know them better.  Next week is a service project week and since I am a creature of “themes” it would break up any theme I would start for the month.  I think it is better to do some getting acquainted activities tonight and focus on preparing for next week’s service project then start a month of lessons.  And yes, I am trying to convince myself that a ministry of presence is a good ministry, an effective ministry, just the same.  Sometimes I walk away from a teaching night feeling like I completely missed the mark or they didn’t get it or it didn’t touch them the way I thought it would…and maybe that is why I am feeling more drawn to the ministry of presence. That and workcamp – workcamp is all about being present, being with them, relating to them and letting them see the real side of you.  And we all come back closer, excited and pumped up about youth group.  That is what I want to see more of.

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