Thirteen Feelings of the Day

Oh, yes…my mood runs the gamut!

  1. Frustrated…because I can’t seem to connect with the new petsitter. She was supposed to come over tonight – after about two week of phone tag – to meet Ramona and see if Ramona will tolerate her. I hadn’t heard from her by 7:30 so I called and she just called me back now to say she was somewhere else and time got away from her. I know stuff comes up, but I need to get this situation resolved. Now she is not coming until Monday, which also frustrates me. I can’t believe that it is this hard to coordinate our schedules. A friend at work told me about another petsitting service but I really like this one. I don’t know what to do.
  2. Excited…because my dear friend at work will soon be having her first baby, a girl. I stopped by her house tonight on the way to the dr and she is looking very well. All signs are pointing to a baby sometime tomorrow or over the weekend.
  3. Irritated…because of a situation in my life that continues to be chaotic, despite my herculean efforts.
  4. Happy…that I will get to see my youth group girls tomorrow night to watch High School Musical 2. It was very cool that they invited me!!
  5. Weary…of the neverending wash and household chores – on top of my other to do’s. It is maddening.
  6. Worried…about the health of one of my girls. She has not been well since workcamp and has been having some really weird symptoms.
  7. Eager…to start youth group again for the fall. We put together a really great schedule and are getting a pretty cool new curriculum.
  8. Hopeful…that this will be the year that our youth grow closer to each other and to Christ.
  9. Sad…that I may have to board Ramona for my next trip. I really, really don’t want to do that but I don’t seem to have any other options.
  10. Angry…at myself for not handling the chaotic situation better.
  11. Concerned…about my continuing financial struggles. It is really maddening and I’m not sure what the answer is. I keep thinking a part-time job may be the only answer but how in the world can I take that on on top of my full-time gig and church responsibilities?
  12. Forgetful…even though I have been talking and thinking about the situation with Ramona all night, I forgot to give her her shot. I’ve got to go do that right now.
  13. Disappointed…in myself for not taking better care of myself. When I got on the scale for my drs appt, I wanted to run away and hide. I know that I use food for comfort and I need to break that habit. I also need to start exercising – even just a little bit. I can’t go on like this. It is not good for my health or my psyche. There’s more to be said on this topic but since I am trying to write more often, I shall leave that for another post.

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