They Don’t Call Me Random for Nothing

Yes, that indeed was my sorority “nickname” – quite original (not really) but so true (oh very).

Here are pieces of randomness in my brain right now:

  1. My laptop is hot and feels like it is burning my leg. This can’t be good.
  2. I have an addiction to popcorn. I HAVE to eat it every night before bed.
  3. If I stay up late, I am hungry again. This is maddening and ridiculous. I cannot possibly be hungry, having just eaten an entire bag of microwave popcorn myself two hours ago.
  4. I was trying to explain why I like High School Musical (HSM, in case you did not catch that in the last post) and I said, “It is the Grease for this generation.” Hmmm. Probably not really. Have you seen Grease lately? Not exactly a clean, wholesome flick.
  5. I have fallen behind in my Scott Baio watching. I may have to go to VH1 online for recaps!
  6. But I did see Dog the Bounty Hunter on Larry King. Oh yes, I did.
  7. And all the people talking about Merv Griffin. Which reminds me then that Jessica and I used to sometimes pretend we were on the Merv Griffin Show…which at least my mamacita watched religiously. I can’t recall if hers did too or if she just thought it was terrifically funny that mine did.
  8. We also used to pretend I would go to England and come home with a baby. This happened virtually every time. I think I also had to sing “Tainted Love” during this at some point, which may explain why I always came home with a baby but no husband. Jess, of course, always married John Taylor from Duran Duran. Except when she liked Cheap Trick…then she would marry one of those guys (I don’t think it was Robin Zander but I cannot rightly recall.)

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