Another Day

There is something to be said for being so insanely busy you cannot think straight or remember what you were doing 2 minutes before, let alone two days ago. At least the week flies by. But by the time I get home and eat dinner, my only desire is to get into my bed.

This weekend will be a hectic one. Tomorrow I have a client meeting in the afternoon and then am going to a scrapbooking class. It’s called Word Art, which is fairly intriguing for the likes of me!

The medical director from my old job passed away last week and K and I are going to go to his memorial service Saturday. It is at a wel-regarded social club and I am not yet sure at all what to expect.

On Sunday I am teaching Sunday school and then am supposed to go to my first major league baseball game. Well, that’s not entirely true – I once saw the Brewers in Milwaukee but I’ve never seen our local team, even having lived within a short commute of their playing field all my life. I’m really excited but apparently we are to get a Nor’easter???????????????????? I don’t know what will happen then. I’m not terribly keen on sitting out in the freezing rain for a few hours. I guess if the game gets called, we could use our tickets whenever they reschedule for…but if it is Monday, I’m out. We have a pastoral search meeting and I cannot certainly miss that for a baseball game…no matter how much I’d like to go. 😦


I can’t begin to thank you enough for your nice comments on my previous post. Things have been very hectic at work this week and I haven’t had any time to check in until tonight…and it was so nice to find those encouraging comments!

I am feeling a little bit better than I did then but there are some areas in my life that I really need to just give up to the Lord and stop fretting and stressing over. Tonight I caught a little bit of an interview that Anderson Cooper was doing with Sanjay Gupta on CNN about his new book, Chasing Life. I missed the beginning but from what I understood, the book examines some people in different geographic locations who live longer than others and ideas as to why this is. Dr. Gupta said that people in a certain area were predominantly seventh day adventists who strictly obey the sabbath. He joked that he sometimes thinks rest is found in changing activities – for instance, going from a neurosurgery to being on CNN (in his case!)

This really struck me, though I am not entirely sure why. Maybe it is partially because I know I have not been taking care of myself lately. I am allowing stress to get a stranglehold on me in a major part of my life and I am not sure how to rectify the situation…or if it even can be rectified. I am staying up late reading, because that is my escape and my stress relief and I enjoy it but then I pay the price when the alarm goes off (or the cat frantically jumps on me). I’m eating ridiculous things and eating all the time with little or no regard. (I am happy to say my menu planning has been going well, however, and for once I cannot say that I am completely and utterly not exercising – I quit the Y on Saturday (finally) but bought a pilates ball and have been doing some of the exercises the trainer had shown me.)

I know I have to give this thing up to God and just try to do my best to make it through. I have to pray too that he will help me to manage the day to day of it until things improve…

He is Risen

He is risen indeed!

I want to post something inspirational this evening but I am really just not feeling it. I had a good weekend and a lovely lunch today over at Nancy and Jerry’s house (thank you!!) but now I am just feeling blue and I haven’t a clue why. I am desiring that some things be different, and trying to figure out how to make them so. I know, this is a recurring theme with me…but I need to be honest about it, and so it comes out here.


Before I became a Christian, I always wondered why today was called Good Friday. Was it good because the people who hated Jesus got their wish and he was killed? Was it good because his suffering was over and he was in heaven? To our family, Good Friday has never been “good” in any way. When my mom was but two years old and her father was in his early forties, he had a massive heart attack and died on Good Friday…and the pain of that day stayed with his wife, children and grandchildren to this day, nearly 54 years later. I know of him only in pictures and occassional antecdotes my mom tells me to tie me in with the family at large; recently, we were talking about my obsessive love of peanut butter and she said I got that from him and from my grandmother.

But back to the topic at hand. I understand now what is “good” about it. Jesus died, yes, and died a horrible death on the cross, after being beaten and flogged and publicly humiliated. He could have been spared this all but for the fulfillment of the prophecy to come…he was pierced for our transgressions, he died not because he sinned but because we sinned and still do. Each and every day. The “Good News” of “Good Friday” is just that – that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son so that we might live and have eternal life (paraphrase of John 3:16).

It leaves me in complete and utter awe to think of this.

Today, Michelle, David & I visited a local church to participate in their reflection stations they had set up. When you first entered, the room was dark, lit only by hundreds of candles throughout. Various stations were set up, designed to make you read the scripture as it related to the crucifixion, reflect and pray. At one station, you wrote a sin you struggled with and nailed it to a wooden cross – I have done this before in various other settings and always find it very powerful. The most moving station for me, however, was the station lit by candlelight and full of mirrors. You were to look into the mirrors and remember that God made you in his image and reflect on what that means in regards to Good Friday and Easter.

I have been dealing with some serious self-esteem issues for some time now and this station just caught me off guard. As I stared at myself in the mirror and prayed, I told God that I did believe I was made in his own image and that he knit me together in my mother’s womb. He knew I would have a curved spine and need surgery in my teens or I would die by the time I was 21 – he made me that way. He knew I would struggle with physical pain and bad skin throughout my life – he made me that way. He made me in his own image, just as he made his son, who came down to earth and died for our sins. In his own image, I thought, me? Me. How can it be, though I know in my heart of hearts it is true. He said it, so it is truly so.

And I praise God through it all. I am who I am because of how he made me. And he knew all along how I would turn out. He knew that I would enter that small chapel on just this day, feeling small and unattractive, and come upon that station, look at myself in the mirror and feel something begin to move, to change, within my own spirit.

Smart Habits Saturday

It’s been a bad week for the habits.

I totally blew the newest one – as you can see, since I am posting at 1 AM. My week was hectic and it just seemed that the only time I could get online was 10 or later.

The vitamins are out the window. I may try some Flintstones or something and just see. Maybe children’s vitamins would agree with me more.

The others are going fairly well – I may not be completely where I would like to be but I am trying! The weekly home blessing is about 3/4 finished. I got embroiled in much needed laundry-doin’ and didn’t vacuum or dust. But I can do that another night. The menu planning is going well, as long as I remember there is only one of me and I make much more than a meal for one each time…allowing for lunches and leftovers for dinner. The water drinking is much improved but I have also been indulging in some soda, which is in no way good for me.

So for this week, I am going to start fresh – sticking with what I am working on and maintaining.

Friday’s Feast

When you travel, which mode of transportation do you prefer?

I am a control freak, so I prefer driving. I can’t sleep in any moving vehicle anyway (again – control freak – as though I could stop a plane from crashing or a train from derailing or who knows what, simply by BEING AWAKE, but whatever. I’m a little quirky).

Have you ever met a blogging friend in person?

Only those I knew in person before they started blogging!

When was the last time you were really, really tired?

After the most recent youth retreat. I was really, really, really tired. I think I was in bed that night by 8:45.

Main Course
If you could have dinner with any one fictional character from a book or movie, who would it be?

Rob Gordon (John Cusack’s character in High Fidelity…of course, I’d also dine with Jonathan Trager, Vince Larkin or Lloyd Dobler…)

Fill in the blank: One day, I hope to see _______________.

my Grammy in heaven.

Take the 30- Day Organizing Challenge!

I know I’m breaking my after 10 PM no computer rule but I wanted to make sure to get my organizing challenge post up!

My bedroom closet has become quite a problem area. In it, I keep clothing, sheets, blankets, scrapbooking materials, photos, memorabilia, bags/purses, shoes and various other things. The closet is NOT large enough for all this – it’s not even a walk-in closet. But yet, all of it is in there! Here are my before photos:

It’s not pretty.

But it needs to be tackled. And I know that I can do it in the next 30 days. I learned a lot through Laura and her advice for me on taking care of my office and I think I will attack this area in much the same way.

First, I will remove everything – and I mean everything – from the closet. I’m sure it needs to be vacuumed and wiped down, so I’ll do that as well. Then I will sort everything out. Things I absolutely need right now; things to be given away; things to be thrown away; things that need a new home. I want to put shelves or drawers up on the left side (I have drawer on the right already) and get something to help me divide the top shelf up better. I am also considering possibly installing a second shelf up top but that is still up for debate.

So there you have it! Happy organizing to everyone participating in the challenge!

I’m Ready!

Tomorrow begins the 30-day Organizing Challenge over at I’m an Organizing Junkie’s place!

Last time, I was a coward. I wanted to organize my office but was overwhelmed and afraid I couldn’t conquer it in 30 days so I didn’t participate. Laura was a wonderful help to me anyway and encouraged me in my office re-org – and presto! A mere four month later, it’s 2/3rds finished! I’m really very satisfied with the results – everything has a place, clearly labeled, and put away. It’s functional – which is the very best part!

I still need to clean out the closet (but that is not in too bad of shape) and set up my scrapbooking station, but the bulk of it is finished. Yahoo!

And now I am ready for the new 30-day challenge. I have two “trouble” spots I am going to focus on. My bedroom closet and my bathroom medicine cabinet. Let the challenge begin!!

Menu Plan Monday

Look at me, sticking to my goal of menu planning yet another week!

Monday – Tater tot casserole
Tuesday – pasta & shrimp scampi
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – out with friends
Friday – out scrapbooking (and they feed us at the crop!)
Saturday – chicken enchiladas
Snday – Easter…not sure yet what my plan is…

Pet Food Recall

This pet food recall is freaking me out. I am not sure what the best thing to do is at this point. I thought I was safe with Purina products but now they’ve recalled their Alpo wet dog food. Their website said their recall does not include any dry food or cat food but I am still concerned. Pounce treats are also being recalled, which thankfully I switched from a while back, but what’s to say the treats I give them every day after Ramona’s shot won’t be next? I almost feel like I should find a way to make their food from scratch. I had looked into this before but it’s difficult to get them the appropriate vitamins and minerals that way. I guess I will have to look into it further. Any suggestions from the pet lovers out there?