I can’t begin to thank you enough for your nice comments on my previous post. Things have been very hectic at work this week and I haven’t had any time to check in until tonight…and it was so nice to find those encouraging comments!

I am feeling a little bit better than I did then but there are some areas in my life that I really need to just give up to the Lord and stop fretting and stressing over. Tonight I caught a little bit of an interview that Anderson Cooper was doing with Sanjay Gupta on CNN about his new book, Chasing Life. I missed the beginning but from what I understood, the book examines some people in different geographic locations who live longer than others and ideas as to why this is. Dr. Gupta said that people in a certain area were predominantly seventh day adventists who strictly obey the sabbath. He joked that he sometimes thinks rest is found in changing activities – for instance, going from a neurosurgery to being on CNN (in his case!)

This really struck me, though I am not entirely sure why. Maybe it is partially because I know I have not been taking care of myself lately. I am allowing stress to get a stranglehold on me in a major part of my life and I am not sure how to rectify the situation…or if it even can be rectified. I am staying up late reading, because that is my escape and my stress relief and I enjoy it but then I pay the price when the alarm goes off (or the cat frantically jumps on me). I’m eating ridiculous things and eating all the time with little or no regard. (I am happy to say my menu planning has been going well, however, and for once I cannot say that I am completely and utterly not exercising – I quit the Y on Saturday (finally) but bought a pilates ball and have been doing some of the exercises the trainer had shown me.)

I know I have to give this thing up to God and just try to do my best to make it through. I have to pray too that he will help me to manage the day to day of it until things improve…

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