Another Day

There is something to be said for being so insanely busy you cannot think straight or remember what you were doing 2 minutes before, let alone two days ago. At least the week flies by. But by the time I get home and eat dinner, my only desire is to get into my bed.

This weekend will be a hectic one. Tomorrow I have a client meeting in the afternoon and then am going to a scrapbooking class. It’s called Word Art, which is fairly intriguing for the likes of me!

The medical director from my old job passed away last week and K and I are going to go to his memorial service Saturday. It is at a wel-regarded social club and I am not yet sure at all what to expect.

On Sunday I am teaching Sunday school and then am supposed to go to my first major league baseball game. Well, that’s not entirely true – I once saw the Brewers in Milwaukee but I’ve never seen our local team, even having lived within a short commute of their playing field all my life. I’m really excited but apparently we are to get a Nor’easter???????????????????? I don’t know what will happen then. I’m not terribly keen on sitting out in the freezing rain for a few hours. I guess if the game gets called, we could use our tickets whenever they reschedule for…but if it is Monday, I’m out. We have a pastoral search meeting and I cannot certainly miss that for a baseball game…no matter how much I’d like to go. 😦

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