I’ve Been Randomized

Tammy over at Family Doin’s was kind enough to let me partake of a random meme today – exactly what I need to get back in the bloggy swing!

1) If you could suddenly be transported into an old movie (as in 1965 or earlier) which movie would that be and why?

I would have to say It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s one of my very favorite films of all time. I would love to be there in the end, one of the people dumping my money into the fund to help George and seeing the joy on his face, knowing that so many love and care for him.

2)You’re given plane tickets and told that you can pick any place to fly to. The catch is that you have to go completely by yourself and stay a month. Where’s your destination?

I would fly to Maine and spend the month traveling up the coast, visiting lighthouses, reading and reflecting on the power of the sea and the beauty of God’s creation.

3)Name one favorite childhood friend…and a memory to go with it.

Jess was my best friend. We met when we were eight years old and I remember it very clearly – she came over to my friend Michelle’s house (she lived just around the corner) to see if we wanted to play. She and her brother (who just had a baby girl, by the way – congratulations, Matt & Skye!!!!!!!!!!!!!) had gum and they didn’t share – and I decided then and there that I didn’t like her. Thereby once again proving that my first impressions are generally always wrong!

4)Speaking of childhood, is there something special you have hung on to from this time…a toy… a stuffed animal…special book? If so, why is this item special to you?

My Huggie Bear. I’ve had him for 28 years. He is well-loved and worn, patches of fur rubbed off and holes in him, but he was a gift from my dad (I don’t recall if it was birthday or Christmas) and I have always loved and slept with him snuggled tightly with me.

And last but not least…
5)You have just been informed that a Duke and his wife from a foreign country that you’ve barely heard of are visiting the United States and have picked your house at random to stop in for tea. They will be arriving in fifteen minutes.

What are the first five things you frantically do:

And try to get the cat hair off the furniture, which is no easy task.
Swish & swipe the bathroom and put out clean towels.
Frantically come up with a snack that would go with tea (and not be too common so as to offend said Duke)
Put the kettle on!!

That was fun! If you’d like to play, I’ll be happy to think up some random questions for you – just leave me a note in the comments!

2 thoughts on “I’ve Been Randomized

  1. Tricia…so sorry I didn't read this sooner! What great answers!
    And you know what…It's A Wonderful Life is also my very favorite classic movie. It just touches me every time I see it…
    My mom (who turned 80 this year) would be right there with you visiting lighthouses…she loves and collects them!
    Thanks so much for playing…it helped to get to know you even better!

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