Crazy, But That’s How It Goes

*Anyone know what song the post title is from? Hint: it’s from my “heavy metal” youth…

I feel like I have been dealing with this basement thing for far too long. I’ve been completely exhausted and was totally shocked to find some energy last night to finally make sure there was no water in the tubs with my Christmas decorations (there wasn’t) and tonight to move stuff around to make room for the rug to come back from drying on the trampoline (yes, you read that right!) at my dear friend’s house and for the new dryer to arrive. Yes, the dryer is dead. The repairman came and charged my $70 to tell me that. And would have charged me another $275 to fix it. So instead, a new one is on it’s way. I need to talk to the guys about getting some pallets or something to put it and the washer up on…and perhaps the freezer…in case of a future such event. Though, happily, the new sump is working well. I tested it by dumping water from the dehumidifier in it tonight when I was cleaning the last of the ruined stuff out and moving things around.

Now here I am, catching up on my bloglines and blog, and thinking of a million things I need to do this weekend, including my organizing project and some work I brought home. I completely lost all sensibility this afternoon and forgot several things I had said I would complete. I think I am just terribly tired and burned out at this point – oh, and on that, I sadly cancelled my June workcamp trip. I decided that I really needed that vacation time to relax and recharge. As much as I love workcamp (and am still going with the youth later in the summer), I just can’t do two whole weeks. I was in tears when I got off the phone with them, though they were so understanding and kind and said this would not affect my ability to serve with them again in the future. I was just sad because I really wanted to do it but my job is just very demanding and the thought of no days off after July through the end of the year made me very upset.

Well, I should get myself to bed. This weekend has many projects on tap:

*Get new tires
*Organize the bedroom closet
*Catch up on work projects
*Go to the library
*Do the church bulletins and inserts
*Prepare for Sunday school
*Get the carpet back and put back in place before the dryer comes
*Shampoo the carpets where the firemen’s sooty boots trod
*Organize my scrapbooking stuff
*and if time, finish last year’s workcamp scrapbook so I can show the kids at church!
*Watch two movies I have had FOREVER from Netflix
*Finish my current book and renew another
*Stock up on supplies for an upcoming trip
*SLEEP!!!!!!!!!!! which is where I am headed right now. G’night!

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