Smart Habits Saturday

Ah, finally the weekend has arrived. We had a whole day of sleet/snow yesterday and it is completely impossible to shovel this morning so I am hiding out watching tv and surfing the web instead (and hoping that the upstairs neighbor will not try to shovel it and make me feel guilty!)

As for my habits, I was doing well with the vitamins but did not take them yesterday. I’ve been taking them later and later, sometimes at dinner or bedtime…and am wondering if that is the problem with my sleep. So today I will take them earlier and see what happens. I will say that I feel better than usual lately, especially in terms of energy…and I’m sure it’s the vitamins, so that is a positive!

On the new habit from last week – drinking more water – I’ve done slightly better but I am not anywhere near where I should be with that. But a habit is not made in a week!! I’ve found I’m more likely to drink water in a bottle for some reason, so I bought some on sale at Target yesterday. I can always refill them, I guess, if it works for me!

I’ve been tossing around what my new habit should be for this week. I have a couple things in mind but in some ways I think I need to “prepare” for starting them, if that makes any sense. (Maybe I am thinking too much about this.) So instead, for this week, I’ll bring up one that I’ve worked on intermittently but never consistently enough to make it a habit – menu planning. I know a lot of bloggers participate in Menu Plan Monday, sharing recipes and staying accountable, so I may give that a shot. I know it’s not thrilling content for the blog but then, how often is my content thrilling? My goal is not to be a thrill-a-minute but instead to be real and normal and everyday. And this is certainly everyday stuff!

Anyway, Dream Dinners has helped me a great deal. I used to buy groceries and then, on the way home from work, decide I wanted something completely different that I of course didn’t have a home, despite the grocery shopping. So I would stop at the store for whatever had caught my fancy that day or by something already prepared. Food in my fridge would go to waste because I needed to give in to my dinner “whim”. I guess because of the cost of Dream Dinners, I’ve made a point to eat at least two or three a week and have been doing better with that. But I think laying out a menu plan would be helpful in many ways…and so it shall be done!

7 thoughts on “Smart Habits Saturday

  1. I am a definite water bottle drinker myself, although I just fill up my old ones.

    I participate in the Menu Plan Monday forum as well. I, too, thought it wouldn't be all that thrilling, but I am surprised at how many fun people I have met from it.

    Good luck this week!

  2. Oh, I love MPM! I've enjoyed meeting some wonderful bloggers that way, too!!! I, too, would rather drink water from the bottle and I also just refill them. Although, I've been doing horribly with that goal – it is not yet a habit! Good luck this week and hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Why is it so hard to just drink water? It seems that so many of us struggle with it. I know that my children do not drink much either. They think that they need flavor. Oh what to do?
    Good luck.

  4. Hi Tricia,
    I'll have to check out the Menu Plan Monday site. I find myself making lots of the same things over and over!
    (I do plan my menus though!)

  5. You ladies are making me admit to all my weaknesses. I am terrible at menu planning!

    I actually made an attempt two weeks ago and then, like you, I didn't make all the meals I had planned.

    I know we can do better!

  6. I need to do menuplanning too. It just takes too much thought! And I can see that if I joined MPM I would just spend too much more time online. Good luck with yours.
    BTW, I have a water cooler in my house and I LOVE it. I find it so much easier to drink water if it's super cold. My kids can easily get a cupful too and they have no problems getting water in them. We have to fill up our 5 gal water bottle about 2x a week (3x in the summer)

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