My Kingdom for a Backhoe

I was hiding out and slightly napping while watching “Emma”. The doorbell rang.

And I was afraid. My slothfulness* had been discovered!

I slowly went to the door, hair askew. The neighbor was there and she said…


Glory be!

Her cousin apparently has a backhoe and came over and did our driveway. Meanwhile, the landlord’s kids chopped away at the ice on the sidewalk closest to the street and the neighbor’s boyfriend (who drove here this morning from a neighboring state where he had NO SNOW) helped chop the ice off a path to my door.

I cannot tell you the joy that fills my heart at this development.

I’m so joyful to be free from our (somewhat) landlockedness…I may just go get my driver’s license picture taken.


Updated: Slothfulness, indeed. The sloth is over here! : )

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