Yesterday, I actually made progress on the home office situation. A lot of progress! Mamacita was here, “helping me” spring clean my bedroom, while I focused on cleaning and making the office space functional again. I have photos to post but I need to put a couple of finishing touches in place first. The desk and space there-around is cleaned up and functional now; my new labelmaker has become my new best friend (you always knew I was a geek!) I had a lot of shredding to do as part of the “finishing touches” – so much so, I broke my shredder and had to buy a new one – which in turn overheated 3 times today. Guess I should keep up on that shredding, huh? (Note: I still have more to shred but it will have to wait until tomorrow!)

The scrapbooking station hasn’t been setup yet but the space is cleared for it. The closet still needs work and there are a couple rubbermaid tubs that need to be sorted and reorganized but the room is up and running! Yahoo!

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