A Good Start

Well, my birthday month is off to a wonderful start! It’s a running joke with my pals that I somehow always manage to stretch out the celebrating throughout the month. Heck, this past year I stretched it to October! : )

Today was a good day at work and a bunch of the girls took my out to lunch at Macaroni Grill…which I love! Then this afternoon we had cake to celebrate my birthday and another woman’s in the office. Then off to run an errand and to youth group. David got me birthday cupcakes which was very sweet and some of the girls got me balloons. They also also signed a card – which just made my night. I love those kids so much!

You Say It’s Your Birthday…

…it’s my birthday too, yeah!
And, hopefully, it will be a better one than last year.  Really, I don’t think it could be worse!  I had to get up a 4 AM to go downtown and be a “room monitor” in the hallway of a hotel where my company was having a meeting.  I sat there all day long with no lunch, nothing to do.  I was completely miserable and lonely.  Then I came home and had a quick dinner and headed out for a meeting with the pastor – who told me he was leaving the church.
So far today, I came to work to find many e-cards and email wishes from my beloveds, a gift from a new friend, and plans to take me to lunch.  I haven’t decided on what I am doing for dinner tonight yet but I have a feeling Carvel ice cream cake is in my future! 

Famous folks born on this day:

Ashton Kutcher
Chris Rock
Garth Brooks
James Spader
Sinclair Lewis
Laura Ingalls Wilder
Charles Dickens

I rock!

I bought myself a laptop as a birthday present…to fulfill my dream of blogging from anywhere in my house and elsewhere! (Oh, yeah, and doing other work and stuff….) I have to admit the whole thing intimidated me. I’ve been talking about doing this for a few years but really didn’t know what to do. So my dear friend Michael helped me spec it out and I ordered it. When it came, I was really afraid and thought I wouldn’t know what in the world to do. I didn’t even open the boxes at first. But tonight I unpacked it all and hooked it up – even the wireless stuff. AND IT WORKS.

I can’t believe it!

Something to Look Forward to

I think I’ve mentioned previously that I love Beth Moore. Her teaching really touches me and her perspective in the Bible studies she leads is always interesting and thought-provoking. I saw her locally several years ago, not long after coming to faith, and her teaching spoke to my heart. I was blessed to find a local women’s Bible study this fall that was doing her study, “Living Beyond Yourself”…which was exactly what I needed (isn’t God cool that way?!?)

Anyway, Beth is a very busy lady and doesn’t speak in our area very much. I had read a few months ago that a local women’s ministry was running a bus trip to see her this summer a few hours away. I wanted to go but didn’t think I could find a friend to go with so I put it out of my mind. But every time I saw something about it, there was a longing in my heart to go. Last week, I received information from this organization in the mail. I said to myself that if there were still tickets available, I was going, even if it was by myself.

There are 8 seats left!

The information didn’t give a price for a single so I emailed. They wrote back this week to say they’ve been looking for someone going by themselves – there is a group of three who’d like a fourth to room with them! What a blessing. I did disclose, however, that I snore, so that could put the kabosh on them wanting to room with me. BUT, regardless, I AM GOING.

Winter Lament

Ah, winter has returned. Still no real snowfall to speak of, just nuisance storms here and there. We had been told we would have some accumulation Thursday night into Friday but woke up to nothing. Around 4:45, it began to rain and quickly changed to snow. I went out with a couple gals from work for a bit before scrapbooking and it was still snowing when I headed for the next leg of my journey. It continued while we scrapbooked and suddenly, the fibro kicked in. By 9:30, it was simply too much to bear and I ended up heading home. I was so disappointed because I’m working on a very special project that needs to be finished soon. I had hoped I could work on it today but I’m still not getting much relief.

I hate this disease. I really, really do. I was supposed to go out downtown with my friend from work tonight to celebrate our birthdays but the way I feel, I knew I could not handle it. When I talked to her, she asked if I was feeling badly at work yesterday and I had to say no – because I really wasn’t. My back and hips hurt Thursday night and I was so exhausted I took a NAP when I came home from work, but the pain was nothing compared to now. It comes on with no warning, out of the blue. I can’t predict it. Sometimes it hurts when the weather changes, sometimes it doesn’t. It normally does if we are having a heavy snow or tornadic activity – I think that has to do with the change in the barometric pressure?

Part of the issue too is my complete denial about it all. Instead of thinking, oh, it may snow this week and I may feel crummy, I just go about my life and then am totally shocked when I am debilitated and have to cancel plans. I don’t like to take my medication – and I have to add here that I am thankful I don’t have to take it all the time – but it’s always upsetting to me when I do have to and have to rely on it to get me through the day.



I don’t like to wait.

But I am often waiting.

Right now, I am waiting for some information so I can complete the church bulletins and get on with my day.

I am waiting for an email.

I am waiting for a delivery…or two.

I am waiting for a decision.

I am waiting for inspiration.

I am waiting for it all to be explained.


I found a long-lost friend today.
Chris and I went to college together.  At different points, we “dated” (although that’s probably not the right term since we never really went OUT anywhere) each other’s roommates.  We had a radio show on the campus station, “The Chris & Trish Show”.  He has seen me at my best and at my…well, probably absolute worst.  We had many late nights, some run ins, but a whole lot of fun.  I knew I could always count on Chris to be there for me, no matter what.
After college, like most, we drifted apart.  I remember the last time we talked.  It was around Christmas and I was living in my first apartment by myself.  I remember talking for a really long time while trying to string the lights (which, by the way, is difficult when you are using a phone with a cord!)  He was struggling to find his place in the world.  He wasn’t thrilled with what he was doing or where he was in life.  I didn’t have the right words to say.  I probably still wouldn’t, if I’m honest.
Fast forward several (yes, several) years.  I’ve googled him now and again but never had any luck.  Today, for some reason, he was brought to mind and I decided to google him once more.  And lo and behold, I find a webpage – for his wedding next year!!  What great news and what a very cool way to find him again.  I’m sure it’s him, as I recognize some of the names in the wedding party.  I dashed off a quick email asking the pertinent questions (such as “tell me all about her” and “tell me absolutely everything that’s happened in the last how-ever-many years”). 
I hope he writes me back.