Winter Lament

Ah, winter has returned. Still no real snowfall to speak of, just nuisance storms here and there. We had been told we would have some accumulation Thursday night into Friday but woke up to nothing. Around 4:45, it began to rain and quickly changed to snow. I went out with a couple gals from work for a bit before scrapbooking and it was still snowing when I headed for the next leg of my journey. It continued while we scrapbooked and suddenly, the fibro kicked in. By 9:30, it was simply too much to bear and I ended up heading home. I was so disappointed because I’m working on a very special project that needs to be finished soon. I had hoped I could work on it today but I’m still not getting much relief.

I hate this disease. I really, really do. I was supposed to go out downtown with my friend from work tonight to celebrate our birthdays but the way I feel, I knew I could not handle it. When I talked to her, she asked if I was feeling badly at work yesterday and I had to say no – because I really wasn’t. My back and hips hurt Thursday night and I was so exhausted I took a NAP when I came home from work, but the pain was nothing compared to now. It comes on with no warning, out of the blue. I can’t predict it. Sometimes it hurts when the weather changes, sometimes it doesn’t. It normally does if we are having a heavy snow or tornadic activity – I think that has to do with the change in the barometric pressure?

Part of the issue too is my complete denial about it all. Instead of thinking, oh, it may snow this week and I may feel crummy, I just go about my life and then am totally shocked when I am debilitated and have to cancel plans. I don’t like to take my medication – and I have to add here that I am thankful I don’t have to take it all the time – but it’s always upsetting to me when I do have to and have to rely on it to get me through the day.


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