I found a long-lost friend today.
Chris and I went to college together.  At different points, we “dated” (although that’s probably not the right term since we never really went OUT anywhere) each other’s roommates.  We had a radio show on the campus station, “The Chris & Trish Show”.  He has seen me at my best and at my…well, probably absolute worst.  We had many late nights, some run ins, but a whole lot of fun.  I knew I could always count on Chris to be there for me, no matter what.
After college, like most, we drifted apart.  I remember the last time we talked.  It was around Christmas and I was living in my first apartment by myself.  I remember talking for a really long time while trying to string the lights (which, by the way, is difficult when you are using a phone with a cord!)  He was struggling to find his place in the world.  He wasn’t thrilled with what he was doing or where he was in life.  I didn’t have the right words to say.  I probably still wouldn’t, if I’m honest.
Fast forward several (yes, several) years.  I’ve googled him now and again but never had any luck.  Today, for some reason, he was brought to mind and I decided to google him once more.  And lo and behold, I find a webpage – for his wedding next year!!  What great news and what a very cool way to find him again.  I’m sure it’s him, as I recognize some of the names in the wedding party.  I dashed off a quick email asking the pertinent questions (such as “tell me all about her” and “tell me absolutely everything that’s happened in the last how-ever-many years”). 
I hope he writes me back.

One thought on “Chris

  1. I hope you hear back from your friend. I found a long lost friend too through google – sadly we've since lost touch again, and I keep planning to send her another email but never get round to it. Perhaps I'll do it this weekend…

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