I had some of my senior girls over tonight to watch Facing the Giants. If you haven’t seen this film (and you probably haven’t – it was apparently only released in a certain number of theaters), I so highly recommend it. Even though we knew what the outcome would be in most areas of the storyline, we were all cheering the characters on throughout.

I’ve been feeling very discouraged about many things as of late (this morning, in particular, my discouragement hit me head on). I’ve been trying, as I often do, to figure things out and to decide what I need to do to make things better…and, or maybe or, what others should be doing. But really, I came back around to what I should come to in the beginning ALWAYS instead of the end. God is in control and I need to give these things up to him.

There is a man in our church who has a brain tumor. Tomorrow, he is having surgery to have it removed. And we gathered, after service, to pray for his surgery and his ultimate healing. As we stood, the majority of our small congregation, together in a circle, holding hands, lifting our brother up in earnest prayer, I was struck by this. That this kind of corporate prayer is unusual, unique, moving, to me…what does that say? I handle the prayer list at church,taking requests and sending them out to the list via email. I know that people are praying – some may read and plan to pray later; some praying right in that moment. But to stand together, side by side, and lift up concerns like this, maybe even hopes or dreams, therein lies a different kind of power, a movement of the Spirit that is palpable.

3 thoughts on “Giants

  1. Hi Tricia,
    Thanks for visiting me! I was saddened to read of the man in your church who has a brain tumor.
    I will certainly keep him in my prayers.
    (A brain tumor is what took my Mom)…

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