I’d never seen Castaway so when I saw it was on this evening, I decide to watch. I had to go do something else during the scene when the plane was crashing and I found the middle while he was on the island to be a bit long and tedious (as, I suppose, I was supposed to – as it was meant to be long and tedious and give a representatin of what that must be like). But the end…aren’t there any movies anymore with a happy ending? I know, I know – it’s happy that he was rescued and all that. But it was so sad that even though in her heart she knew he was still alive, she listened to everyone else and moved on with her life. It just about broke my heart when she told him that he was the true love of her life but she had to go home.

One thought on “Castaway

  1. I thought the same thing when I saw it at the theater. That scene when they are reunited briefly towards the end is one of the most bittersweet romantic scenes in modern movies!

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