Grrr Blogger

I wrote a whole long post yesterday and sent it via email…only to get a response back that it could not go through to Blogger. So, all was lost! How frustrating.

My voice is back and I am feeling somewhat better. Exhausted, for some reason. Maybe my body wasn’t ready for me to jump back into life this week. Sorry, body – we’ve got work to do!

Just a quick update on what’s been going on:

**Work is still going well. I’m thankful to have made some friends already and really feel comfortable. I have only been there about six weeks but it feels longer.
**I’ve delegated some of my administrative tasks in Children’s Ministry to some very capable folks. That is helping a lot but I have to focus on some policy/procedural issues I need to get in place – and soon.
**I’m really enjoying my Beth Moore Bible study. It has really made me reflect on a lot of things. It’s amazing how you can read something in the Bible once and then when you read it again, you get something totally different out of it. Amazing! The ladies at this Bible study are also great. Even though I don’t attend their church, they have all be so kind and welcoming. The other week, someone said it was far to go for a Bible study. But to me, it’s important. God knew what I needed and brought me there at this time. Who am I to quibble with that? (Plus, it’s really not THAT far.)
**This Sunday, I am starting a new ministry. It’ll ultimately be a post-high school/college and career ministry. I argued with God a great deal about this. Seriously. I tried to put it out of my mind. I tried to forget about it all together. I told him, “NO WAY.” But like Jonah (see Cindy, I learned something in our study!) he wasn’t letting me go that easy. So we made a deal – I will get it started and off the ground, because it is a real need, right now. And I will pray and find a godly couple to take it over. I’ve said I’ll do it once a month for six months; I’m thinking it’ll be more like June when most of the girls who will be a part of this officially graduate. And I do truly mean it. I know that I cannot take this on long-term with my other commitments…and I also know that there is so much they can learn from someone OTHER than me.
**I was supposed to go shopping with Mamacita last weekend but the dread illness procluded that. So instead, we go this weekend! First to the Creative Memories Open House (oh, my poor pocketbook!) and then some other places. I’m looking forward to it but I wish I had my pay schedule a little more under control…but that’s a whole ‘nother issue.

Well, Norman is whining to beat the band. It’s either a signal that his furry little body is about to self-destruct or that I should get myself to bed. I’ll choose the latter.

Night, y’all.

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