And I have to say, I left my polling place this morning filled with righteous indignation. I know that is not the right attitude, but that is what I felt – and really, how I still feel at the moment.

Voting is a privilege, people. How many people around the world so desire the opportunity to live in a democracy? To choose their own legislature? To have some say, no matter how small, in their government? People died in order to give us this opportunity!

Yet I got up early and rolled into my polling place, expecting to find a line out the door. No line. In fact, I parked directly in front of the door. Inside, there was only one other person voting. I was totally and utterly appalled. In our state, we are voting for on the Governor today. The Governor! That alone should bring folks out.

There is no excuse for not voting. In our technological age, resources abound. You can visit any number of websites to find out the real deal on the candidates in your district. You can find out where to vote. You can find out when to vote. All in a matter of minutes! Seriously – minutes.

I know as well as anyone the value of time and the constant need in our culture to rush hither and yon constantly. But really – isn’t democracy at least worth a few minutes of our time?

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  1. I voted too!

    Unfortunately, voting is a right people can choose to exercise, which is what makes this country grat, but it's disappointing when they don't. Althought that might be better than uninformed voting…

    My theory is, if somone didn't vote that person has no right to complain about the government. If s/he didn't take part in the process, I do not want to hear grumbles…

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