The Payment for Fun

…is apparently a mountain of things to do.  But I don’t regret an iota of it.  We went to the movies Saturday night and yesterday went swimming at a friend’s house.  Then we mod podged the infamous workcamp tire, to keep all the fancy doohickeys that everyone pasted on it actually ON.  I wasn’t 100% sure how that was going to work but David said it looks good. I’ll take pictures of it when I go over there this week.  It’s quite cool, actually.  Everyone did a great job creating a segment that reflected who they were.  (For those who have no clue what I am talking about, each year for workcamp we have to create an art project together based on the theme of the camp.  This year’s camp theme is Full Service:  A Jesus Attitude and we had to decorate a tire.  We also have to get said tire to West Virginia for camp and bring another tire that another youth group made back home with us. 
I really can’t wait for workcamp.  Last year I was so nervous and apprehensive about the whole thing.  This year, I am just so excited.  I feel like a kid making her first trip to Disney World!  I know that sounds strange considering this is a WORKcamp and we will be working on people’s homes, sleeping on the floor of a school and eating cafeteria food all week…but I just got such JOY from last year’s camp that I expect that much and more from this year’s.

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